Written by Effangwa Martha

On September 17, 2021
Bone Straight with empty purse

“So you bought hair for 180K and the hair still scratches your head?” The hairdressing salon was in an outburst as a male guest who came to visit the madam of the salon commented to one of the clients in disbelief.

This is how it all went down:

I was at the salon doing my hair, and a telenovela was playing on a small box TV that hung on one end of the salon which I peeped every now and then through a mirror to catch up with the hot gist. While most of the salon attendants were shouting “see love, see love” as per the series on TV to the lone male in the room, another client bumped in seriously scratching her hair thus drawing all the attention to herself.

“Asay eh ma friend, this your hair don reach two weeks sef so?” asked the madam of the saloon to the lady. The lady sighed in response. She did not need words to express her frustration, the length and the nature of her sigh alone said it all.

“Madam, those who put bone straight don’t have horns on their heads, by hook or by crook my head needed to know what it felt like,” said the lady who had bought two packs of 20 inches bone straight hair barely two weeks earlier and had put the extensions in all delight and happiness. Needless to fill you in on how her status was crying with pictures of her slaying to kill with her bone straight, let’s not leave out her short Insta videos here and there in all hotspots not just in town but the entire region. After flaunting all the pictures to the entire saloon, causing everyone to even forget about the telenovela that was playing, the lone male guest in the saloon finally iced the cake with a comment that was almost like the summary of everyone’s thoughts. “So you bought hair for 180K and the hair still scratches your head?”. The laughter that followed this comment ejected the lady from the salon in a mood I cannot describe.

The story also reminds me of my friend, Julia. —–

Julia: “I want the latest Chanel bag, I want the latest iPhone, I want the latest car, I want bone straight, I want…”

Me: “How much do you have to get all of this?”

Julia: “I don’t have anything yet but even if I don’t someone will get it for me”

Me: “Yehum!!!, but why do you need all of these?”

Julia: “That’s what makes a name in this town. If you do not have all of these things then you’re a nobody.”

Me: “Even when you can’t afford it?”

Julia: “That is your cup of tea. Should a slay queen die?”

This is a mindset many young people carry around in this dispensation. Wanting everything flashy without a penny in their pockets. Marking a name on the streets with things owned over entitlement.

Probably you’re thinking well I earn my money so I’m not spending money that I haven’t earned. So let me rephrase it for you. Too many people spend money they earn, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.

It’s not unusual to want to impress others. Most times, educational achievements don’t save you from this neither do careers, creed, country, and economic status. We are tormented by this urge which continues to make many lives miserable. Financial wellness cannot be attained if you are not strong-willed enough to say NO to desires of impressing people rather than expressing yourself. Many who have tailed this path of living to impress have ended up in lifelong loans, deliver yourself while you can, and identifying the problem is the first step to such deliverance.

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Enow valerie
Enow valerie
2 years ago

Good words.They are inspiring!One can not budget for one or the other reasons.uhhh,mine can be too much problems.They always visit me when money is around.I meant the problems.can your wish to budget be affected by the condition you live in?ok let us see it this way;my money is just enough for my problems!what do I budget?Clarify me,thanks.

Kongnyu Brandon Ngala
Kongnyu Brandon Ngala
2 years ago

Bone straight, with empty wallet, this is true, some become so luxurious and forget tomorrow.
Thanks for this piece.

J. Banyuy
J. Banyuy
2 years ago

Some of us have misplaced priorities! Thank you Bohikor, I’m learning!!!

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