Written by Tim Merciful

On September 18, 2021
When will you have financial peace

You have a well-to-do job. A house, car and you can conveniently fund all of your activities. You are very comfortable and can make any trip anywhere around the world. I guess this is the place where everyone wants to be. At best, have a comfortable ‘order and pay instantly’ life. This is what many people consider peace.

Some have defined peace as the absence of war, and others have said it is just believing in God and handing your life over to him. When a man is in debt or cannot meet up with some financial responsibilities, their peace is often tampered with.

As Dave Ramsey puts it, Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff, and it’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.“

Having enough to count can not give you the financial peace you want, and it comes from making good use of what is already acquired.

The ability to live on less than you make comes from being intentional and setting the right goals. Intentionality about your finances means that you need to have clear financial goals. What do I spend? What do I save? What do I invest in? If you spend the available money, you won’t have to invest, and financial peace is far-fetched without investments.

George S. Clason, author of the Richest Man in Babylon says that what you have in your hand is just income, but wealth is built intentionally so that as you invest the income, it builds up into generational wealth, which will help you get to the place of financial peace.

Winning in your finances will involve managing the little you have and making the right investment decisions. Let money work for you.

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