Written by Tim Merciful

On September 20, 2021
Wealth and wants part 2

I did not complete my story. Do you remember Naomi with the red blade ride? I brought you more gist.

Before my first payday, I had decided to set aside 200,000frs for savings and 300,000 for my upkeep. This was the standard I set for myself, given that I had never earned that much. With 500,000frs, I just knew I had to save, so I didn’t lack a response to give my parents when they asked if I was saving.

After collecting that salary, I made a quick stop at a popular chicken joint in town and gave myself a treat that costed 10,000frs. It felt like I was paying myself for the month’s labor. On my way home, I noticed a jacket that literarily called my name, and I just had to stop and get it. By the time I was leaving the shop, I had taken almost everything that appealed to me and was my size. What harm could it probably cause? A girl has to look the part; after all, there was still a whole 350,000frs left from the lump sum.

By the time I got home, I had rents, bills, and other household maintenance waiting for me to take care of. By the time I was done taking care of all that, I barely had 100,000frs left, and by mid-month, the salary was already history. This went on and on until I found out I had become a heavy debtor.

When someone promises to give you a substantial sum of money, it can make you feel rich. The worst case is when you get a job with an unexpected salary, “ei be like say you don hammer.”

However, the goal is not just to earn much, but to spend right. If you can spend the little that you have wisely, when more comes, you will still spend wisely, which gradually takes you to the rich status. Like Charles A. Jaffe puts it, “it is not your salary that makes you rich. It is your spending habit”.

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Tufoin Carissa
Tufoin Carissa
2 years ago

This is great. Thank you so much

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