Ebude’s Plight episode 2

Written by Effangwa Martha

On September 24, 2021

“Why do lessons always start making much sense when the mistake has already been made?” Ebude thought to herself in deep regret. All this while Eposi her best “boh” has been sharing tips with her on how to best manage her money which she waved and mostly mocked by saying “Grace speaks for me, no misfortune shall befall me”. As a matter of fact, she even shared some of the personal finance quotes on her status just to get Eposi off her case. Eposi was never in support of her desire to purchase a new phone, be it iPhone or not, and throughout that week she persistently sent her this quote over and over again.

Just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you should buy it.

Suze Orman

Ebude had blocked Eposi on WhatsApp temporarily just because she thought she was an unfriendly friend by not being supportive of her decision on doing something that would make her happy. Aside from being unsupportive, the constant quotes from Eposi fast became annoying and unbearable. After all, she was an independent adult who earned her own money and did not need babysitting from an overprotective friend who was trying to play a mummy role in her life. Only after her next big move did Ebude plan to unblock such a joy killer like Eposi.

Unfortunately for Ebude, Eposi had been right all along. The flashbacks on all the pieces of advice and nuggets Eposi had shared with Ebude haunted her like unavoidable nightmares. The scenes of how everything unfolded played so real to her like a movie by Kang Quintus. She firmly clasped her ears with the hope of delivering herself from the voices clashing in her head. “It would have been better for me to be ignorant and make such a mistake than make it after being exposed to so much knowledge as well as having a voice of sanity in my life like Eposi” Ebude finally sighed as she turned on her bed which could no longer pamper her to sleep.


Ebude’s story opens our eyes to the loud expenses we make during certain periods of the year. Take December for example; January can become a nightmare as a result of decisions made in December with a salary that was meant to cater to January’s needs thus making January a month of lack. What is your own financial story like? are you an Ebude in disguise?

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2 years ago

Great and very informative content

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