Valentine’s Day & My Money

Written by Tim Merciful

On February 9, 2022

Valentine’s day is one of the most widely celebrated days globally. Many describe this day as one in which they have to spend time with their loved ones, which often involves the exchange of gifts and dates. This day has her history, which has run for years. People bring out different concepts and ideas on how to share this day. To some, February is a good month because of Valentine’s day.

Our focus is not on Valentine’s Day’s good or bad side but on how you spend for or on this day.

The pressures are so high. On social media, you find discounts everywhere, at home, you find adverts everywhere by different brands, and if you are married, your wife might have tabled what you need to get for her already. If you are in a relationship, you start getting vibes on what your friends are getting for your partners, and you are triggered.

You are one of those who said that Valentine’s day isn’t the only day to show proof of love, but you have borrowed about 30,000frs for a surprise dinner and a gift basket because of these pressures.

Imagine for once how comfortable you’ll be on your date if you planned this out. It will be more beautiful and memorable with zero scepticism. But while at the dinner table, you are careful not to order more than what’s in your pocket because you don’t want to get into “shock.”

If you must grow in your finances, you must put away pressures, ideas, and suggestions that cause you to spend without budgeting. If you plan for it and budget for it, it can be better. Remember that what fixes your class is how you spend your money. Be Wise. You have enough time to budget for Valentine’s say 2023.

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