Our Vision

To equip every worker with the peace of mind and mental

capacity to operate at their fullest potential.

Our Story

At Bohikor Our Mission is to change the invisible rules of money and how people are paid. We are not just creating a payments platform that changes the old rules about payday, we are creating a solution that ensures everyone is treated equally, fairly and is on a level playing field.

With over 50% of Africans living paycheque to paycheque, many have expressed their frustration around the simple fact that everyone has expenses everyday, but are forced to wait for a set payday, determined by their company, to receive their earned money. So we set about creating technology that makes life less stressful, by creating an on-demand pay app which gives employees instant access to the pay they’ve already earned, leading to a more engaged workforce and reduced staff turnover.

Meet Our Team

Effansa Simon Balemba

Chief Executive Officer
Visionary and Business

Akah Larry

Chief Technology Officer
Engineering and DevOps

Tim Merciful

Marketing Officer
Marketing and Communication

Amin Jefferson

Brand Officer
Branding and Identity Design

Bermond Yange

Chief Product Officer
UI/UX/Product Design

Nditapah Mirabel

Finance Officer
Accounting, Audit & Finance

Bill-Elton Ndoh

Design Officer
Web & Graphics Design

About Us…..


Global Office

651 N Broad St, Suite 206, Middletown, New Castle, DE

Africa Office

1st Trust Bank Building,
Great Soppo Buea branch, P.O BOX 138,
SW, Cameroon.

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