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FAQs for Employers

How is Bohikor different from payday loans

Bohikor is not a loan. There are no interest or late fees. Any earned wages your employees access through Bohikor is theirs. Bohikor charges a small flat platform fee that is less than the cost of a cup of coffee (akin to an ATM withdrawal fee) for this service, in which you can subsidize.

Is this equivalent to offering company loans to my employees that is secured against their wages?

No. Bohikor is not a loan of any kind. It is a technology platform that enables your company to offer access to earned wages to your employees, on a SaaS basis.
There are no credit checks, repayments, interest charges, late payment fees etc. The small fee charged to the employee every time they withdraw their wages early is considered a SaaS fee, and does not vary by timing and/or size of the withdrawal.
The employer can also choose to subsidize this fee as part of their financial wellbeing initiative, ensuring a completely inclusive offering

How do I join Bohikor (as an employer)?

Get in touch with one of our teams to arrange a demo! The onboarding process is very quick and simple with no changes to your existing payroll process.

Will using Bohikor have any tax/accounting implication?

Bohikor does not have any tax implications as all the early withdrawals requested by your employees are done on a net taxes and deduction basis.
If Bohikor provides the funds to facilitate the withdrawals, then there are no accounting/tax implications. If the employer provides the funds to facilitate the withdrawals, then the employer may be able to reflect the withdrawals as an expense, and not an accrual.

Do I need to pay for my employees to use Bohikor?

We charge a small flat withdrawal fee (akin to an ATM fee) each time an employee accesses their wages early. This fee can be borne either by the employee, the employer, or a mix of both (subsidy model).

How easy is it to integrate Bohikor into my payroll?

Very easy. Bohikor is a SaaS platform that is easily integrated with your ERP, Payroll, and Timekeeping systems utilizing an Application Programming Interface (API). It requires very minimal involvement from the employer’s side.
We also have a self-service model for smaller companies who may do all their payroll and timekeeping manually or that utilize off-the-shelves accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks, Zoho Books, Xero, MYOB).
Our Tech team is on the ground to lead and manage the integration on your behalf.

What are the risks associated with offering Bohikor to my employees

There is no inherent risk with the product itself (i.e. offering Bohikor will not damage your brand, employee performance, business processes etc.), especially when all the integrations are done on a real-time basis via our APIs.
Quite the contrary, by providing on-demand access to your employees’ wages, it has been proven to improve productivity, reduce turnover/absenteeism, and increase your employees’ morale. By providing your employees daily/weekly access to their money, they are able to better manage their personal finances.

FAQs for Employees

How do I join Bohikor (as an employee)?

You can only join Bohikor if your employer has teamed up with us to extend OnDemand Wage Access for its employee base.
If you want access to your earned wages on-demand, get in touch with us at and we’ll arrange your employer to be onboarded to get you started!
Those who help us ‘activate’ their employers will receive an Ambassador status on their Bohikor account that effectively waives any access fee for 3 months.

Will using Bohikor have any tax implication?

No. Bohikor provides you with access to your net pay after all taxes and deductions. Since Bohikor deals with after-tax wages, there should be no tax implications from using Bohikor.

Will using Bohikor have any impact on my current income?

No, Bohikor will not impact your income or salary. Bohikor simply provides you access to your earned wages or income on an on-demand basis.

How do I get started with Bohikor?

You can download our app from the AppStore or Google Play and follow the sign-up steps.

Why can’t I find my employer on the Bohikor app?

If your employer has partnered with Bohikor and you’re struggling to find them, please reach out to us at

Is Bohikor safe to use?

Yes, Bohikor uses advanced encryption technology to ensure our users data is protected as it is our top priority.

How much money can I withdraw from Bohikor?

You can withdraw up to 50% of your earned wages (sometimes higher subject to your employer’s discretion).

Why are there limitations on how much I can withdraw?

The limitations are set by your employer to encourage and ensure responsible spending. Bohikor also provides a variety of resources and tools to build and elevate our users’ financial behaviours around saving and money management to ensure that our users truly break free from the payday trap.

Will Bohikor encourage me to spend more and save less?

The Bohikor solution has been designed to simply provide you access to your earned wages. It has not been designed to encourage you to spend more.
A big part of the Bohikor solution is dedicated to elevating and empowering our users to save more and spend responsibly – check out the articles and the various tools that are available for you to use, for free!

How fast can I get my money using Bohikor?

You will receive your money within minutes of your request 24/7 or within 24 hours otherwise.

How much does it cost to use Bohikor?

The cost varies depending on whether your employer subsidizes the Bohikor service.

Does the access fee increase with the amount of money I withdraw?

The Bohikor access or platform fee does not scale with the amount of withdrawal (akin to a fixed ATM fee)

Do I need to do any repayments?

No, your employer will automatically deduct the amount you have withdrawn during the pay period from your final pay.

Will my Bohikor withdrawals appear on my bank statement?

Yes, the money that you requested will appear on your bank statement as a separate debit entry.

Will my Bohikor withdrawals affect my credit rating?

No, Bohikor is not a loan and hence will not affect your credit rating. We do not even do credit checks.

Will my Bohikor withdrawals appear on my pay slip?

Yes, they will appear as a normal deduction with a unique code determined by your employer.

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