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Why Bohikor

Spending & Income Tracker

Bohikor app has a very intuitive and simple-to-use expense tracking feature.

Challenges & Awards

Bohikor has a strategy that enhances good money practices.

Grow your knowledge

Bohikor has a fast-growing library of resources to guide you in wealth generation.

Budgets & Reports

A beautiful reporting screen that shows you an overview of your financial standing.



The dashboard is a visual representation of the Bohikor App. It contains information imputed by the user on the app, such as the Bohikor Score, monthly spending, as well as reports, and Income.

Budgets and Reports

Bohikor has a beautiful reporting screen that shows you an overview of your financial standing each month. The app allows you to dive in deep to see your spending on each budget weekly and monthly. The reporting is very detailed but also very simple and intuitive.

Awards and Challenges

Bohikor has a strategy that enhances good money practices whereby you take a money challenge and get a reward for succeeding, which is termed an award.

Money Therapy

The Bohikor Money Therapy (BMT) is a safe and non-judgmental space where you can talk about your financial challenges and work with a councilor and or financial expert to understand your problems, set goals track them and get help and support throughout your journey in developing better money habits.

You are assigned a coach when you sign up
The coach listens to your challenges and develops a plan to confront the challenges
You have constant follow up sessions with the coach to ensure you achieve a healthier financial life
Necessary adjustments will be made on your plan based on your progress

To improve the quality of your financial life
To deal with financial habits, you have not been able to break out from, e.g., overdraft, creating realistic budgets

Bohikor Score

The Bohikor score is a rating of your finance habits and money management skills over a period of time. Our algorithm developed with insights from the top financial advisers, bankers and finance specialists uses artificial intelligence to calculate a score based on your habits.

It is not a measure of how much money you have, but how well you are managing whatever you have.

The Bohikor score is a guide that helps you stay on the right track towards financial independence.
Its is a marker that lets lenders, financial institutions, business partners and others know your competence in managing money and making financial decisions.

Take a quick quiz to get a rough estimate of how well you are standing.


What is the Bohikor score?
The Bohikor score is a measure of how well you manage your money. It takes into account the percentage you spend on each category of expenses, how frequently you save, how constant you are in meeting your savings goals, and what you put aside for your retirements and how well you invest your money.
How do I change the language of the app?
The functionality to change language is not yet available in the app but will be in subsequent updates.
How can i improve my score?
Plan your money before you spend it. Set your budget limits and make sure you beat them.
Save at least 30% of your income monthly.
Record your daily expenses regularly as you spend.
Can I use the app offline?
Yes you can, most of the app functionalities work perfectly offline.
Why can I not stick to my budget?

There are many possible reasons as to why and a wide variety of approaches to make and stick to realistic budgets. Follow the articles on our fireside blog to get more on this.

Do I have to input every franc I spend?

Yes you have to, it is very important to input every franc you spend so that the reports the app gives you about your financial health will be accurate and truthful.

Can I set the budget for more than a month?

For now you cannot set budgets for more than a month. Budgets run monthly and they expire at the end of the month.

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