A Fairer financial world for your people

A complete financial well-being program, in one app.

On-Demand Pay

No Debt

Bohikor is not a loan. This means no debt or interest, just a small flat fee per withdrawal.

No Delay

By bringing pay in line with expenses, staff can take control of their finances and budget more easily.

No Barriers

Bohikor’s fee works out 99% cheaper than the interest typically paid on short-term credit. And it’s available to anyone, at any time, for any amount.

Payroll Saving


Workers can save directly from their pay before it reaches their bank account; nudging them to save more and often for the first time.

Dynamic Interest

We move savings to the best rate available behind the scenes. Workers get interest rates up to 5x higher than high-street banks without any extra hassle for them.

Safe & Secure

Unlike other providers, Bohikor holds savings in a BEAC-protected, COBAC-regulated bank account that’s government-guaranteed up to 63,920,758.83 Central African CFA franc.

Income-Based Budgeting

Open Banking

Staff can link the Bohikor app with their bank account in less than 30 seconds. This brings their spending and income data together – unlocking powerful new budgeting tools.


Our app crunches the numbers on upcoming expenses, the date of payday and real-time bank balances to provide the exact daily amount users have left to spend to meet their financial goals.

Employer Portal

Simple & Easy

Our platform allows you to see every user and every withdrawal at a glance.

Total Control

Manage advance limits and accept new users in seconds. Bohikor puts you in charge of on-demand pay in your organization.


Everyone runs payroll slightly differently. We ensure our platform fits with the way you work and is no extra effort for your team.

Bohikor puts your employees first, by design.

Traditional financial institutions aren’t aligned with your employees’ best interests. We are.


Global Office

651 N Broad St, Suite 206, Middletown, New Castle, DE

Africa Office

1st Trust Bank Building,
Great Soppo Buea branch, P.O BOX 138,
SW, Cameroon.

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